Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer is coming...

...and summer means lots of houses for sale, which again means a lot to do at work. And sadly that means less time for quilting.

We don`t have any close up neighbours here, so I don`t have curtains in all of the windows. However, I finally decided that I had to do something in the living room, as the sun makes it impossible to watch TV. Being a shabby girl, I didn`t want to buy lift curtains, so I made them from a old restaurant table cloth. It worked really well! No sun is getting through :)

I hade some leftover scraps from the table cloth, and I am thinking of making a table runner or something.

The fabric is really thick, so I had to improvise the pattern myself.

I use the lovely Cosmo embroidery thread. What this project will result in I don`t know, but I`m thinking of making different stichery motifs and put it all together.

One evening as I walked pass my window I stopped and gazed at this beautiful sunset. Too bad my camera can`t reproduce the real thing, it was breathtaking.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege