Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A quick finish

Last weekend we celebrated my youngest sons 8th birthday. Boy does time flies! On Friday I realized that I had to make a table runner for a recently painted furniture in my diningroom, and I had to make it quick! I got my inspiration from Rie Norum, a Norwegian designer (no blog), and made this table runner. I have quilted with narrow stripes, which will give a fun effect after washing it and the batting has shrunk a bit.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stitchery workshop

Last night my quilting guild had its first meeting after the summer, and we had arranged for a stitchery workshop.

We displayed lots of quilts with stitchery for inspiration, as well as kits containing the two designs I made (see earlier posts). These turned out to be very popular, and there were only a couple of kits left when the meeting was over. I am tickled pink!

Here are some of the ladies, deeply consentrated. There are a lot of skilled women in our guild, eager to help any newcomer who needs assistant.

One of the guild members own a little quilt shop, and she sold hoops and pens and other stitchery related products. It was indeed a great meeting!

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Monday, August 23, 2010

Slow August days

Max and I enjoys lazy days while everybody else is stressing to work and school. And we still have two weeks before I go back to work. Well, I am going to study a bit, as I plan to take an exam next spring.

Max likes it when mum is home. He loves to take walks, eating rasberry (which I pick for him) smelling the flowers and chasing all sorts of bugs :)

I am working on the stitchery of this block, and I am almost finished. Then I have to applique three hearts before I can start on the next block.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Friday, August 20, 2010

Give away

There is a great give away at Syverkstan . I hope I win, I hope, I hope.......

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the winner is...

The 16th has come and past here in Norway, and it is time to reveal the lucky winner of my give away.

The winner number was picked random by my eldest son. The winner lives in Sweden, and her name is:

Susanne at Ingaredstoka

Congratulation! Please send me your adress, and your cook book will soon be on its way:)

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home again

Our visit in Kristiansand is over, but we will return next year. We have a lot of fun memories from this beautiful town by the sea. My DO looking at the boats down by the fish market.

This church almost look like a castle.

We had a very tasty hamburger meal while looking out on this park. Check out the little swan house in the pond.

And here is my purchases from the trip. I didn`t go "over board" like I often do ;) Can you see the sheep buttons?

I will be back soon announcing the winner of my give away.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More fun

I am sitting here, totally pooped! Vacation sure is hard work ;). Yesterday we spent another day at Dyreparken, in order to see some of the attractions we missed out on the other day. I took a lot of pictures of the animals, but for some reason they turn their butt on me.......

...like this pig.

A red panda, cute as a teddybear.

I don`t remember the name of this monkey, but isn`t he cute? And very small.

This donkey live in a part of the park called Africa.

A wallaby butt.....

A lemur in the tree....

Goldfish in every pond.

Welcome to Kardemomme By (Cardamom City).

DO running towards the tower of Tobias. The little houses are for rent, so you can sleep here, in the middle of the park, if you like.

This is my holiday project. Leanne`s House BOM, a UFO that has been hidden in a box for too long. I have some application work left, and a lot of stitching to do.....

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A fun day

Today we visited Dyreparken, an amazing place with zoo and fun attractions for children of all ages. It is a very big place, so we have to go back tomorrow. Otherwise we would be missing out on a lot of fun stuff.

This fella was very curious, you could even touch him. The other one was not that interested. He turned his butt towards me every time I wanted to take his picture.

Am I not a beauty?? These animals have beautiful eyes with long eye lashes. However, the smell is not so cute...

A zebra grassing piecefully, no lions to watch out for here....

...they where safely behind another fence. Beautyful, magnificent animals, waiting for their lunchtime snack.

We also saw the feeding of the wolves. These are very shy animals, so this was the only chance to see them. The keeper walked in, threw the raw meat here and there and then went into safety behind the fence. Suddenly 13 wolves popped out of the woods!

Dyreparken is actually 3 parks; the zoo, a water world and an amusement park. The last is also home to the dreaded Kaptein Sabeltann (Captain Sabeltooth), a feared pirate ;). This is his ship, Den sorte dame ( the Black Lady).

Naturally :) I managed to find the only quilt shop in Kristiansand, Kreativ Quilt.

This smiling lady, Rannveig, is one of the owners. I did not go away empty handed, and I will show you my purchases later.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the road

DO, DP and myself got off to an early start this morning, hoping to drive away from the rain. It was pouring buckets! After a few hours on the road the rain finally stopped, and the sun was shining. My plan was to drive directly to Kristiansand, with as few stops as possible. But then I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my little embroidery hoop at home. Crisis!!

Good thing I found this little quilt shop by the road! Quilteloftet is a cute little shop, and as the name suggests, it is situated in an attic. Here I found my hoop and a pattern that I long have wanted for. I will show you my purchases later :)

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yeah!! It is finally vacation, and for the next 3 1/2 weeks I am (well, more or less) my own master!!!! I am leaving for a short trip to Kristiansand tomorrow, and I plan to do quite a bit of holyday blogging. I have already located a couple of quilt shops on the way:)

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Working on my Gardner BOM

These days I am focusing on my Gardner BOM from Lappemakeriet. All the blocks for Gutta Boys (another BOM from same shop) are done, but there is still a lot to do before I can sew the top together. And because I find that part a bit boring, I was easily led to work on the Gardner :)

I haven`t got the fabric for the circles or sideblocks yet, can hardly wait.

With some of the left over fabric I am making a long table runner. I plan to use a delicate light blue fabric with roses on the sides. The table runner is ment for my dining table in my reasently painted Gustavian blue diningroom.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

PS. Don`t forget my give away (previous post).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Give away!

Even the most eager quilter must eat, right? So I decided to celebrate 40 000 hits with me giving away this great cookbook " A Quilters Christmas Cookbook".

Leave a comment on my blog, and you get one ticket. Tell about me on your blog (remember to let me know) and you get another ticket. The give away lasts until August 16th. at midnight. Good luck, and remember - I send world wide;)

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

Monday, August 2, 2010

Finishing my design

I have finished my floral design. I desided to turn it into a pillow, and I must say I think it is very cute :)

I used the front of one of my husbands shirts for the back, with the breast pocket and buttons. A fun detail don`t you think?

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege