Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stars done

I have now added stars to the Goodbye Quilt. I really feel they have lifted the quilt a level or two. My problem is that I chosed the border fabric after I had finished sewing the ninepatch-blocks, and the border fabric is not so bright as the blue fabrics I used in the middle. So I had to make a plan, finding a way to create a "colorbridge".

I tried to tone the colours a little bit down in the starborders. I really like these borders :). Now I only have to add the outer borders, and the top is done. As usual the quilt will end up bigger than I planned, just like my knitting (ex knitting, don`t do that stuff anymore) lol

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Enig: Stjernene gjorde "susen".
    Ang. den blå borden så skjønner jeg "problemet". Nå vet ikke jeg hvordan borden utenfor vil bli, men hva om du kutter lukkekant i de friske blåfargene i nine-patchen?

  2. Dette ser ut til å bli flott! Fine fargar du har brukt.

  3. Det kommer til å bli en strålende fin quilt!
    Nydelige farger :o)