Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Halloween does not stand strong as a tradition in Norway, but the last few years it has become more common to go "trick or treat". My kids immediately adopted the custom, as they embrace everything that involves candy, he he... So every year mum (me) has to make witch cake, decorate the house and make lanterns out of pumpkins, and the kids invites the neighbours over for a visit.

I found this panel a couple of years back, and made the fastest quilt I have ever made...vrooommm....

I made this quilt the same year, (come to think about it, it was my very first design :)). Not very breath taking, but my boys loves these quilts. My little darlings has already started the countdown for this years Halloween, so I guess we`ve got ourselves a new tradition? ;)

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

PS. I am going to a quilt retreat in Grimstad this weekend! Hotel, lovely meals, courses!!!! I will keep you posted!


  1. God tur til Grimstad! Jeg snakka med dere på standen på Ringeriksdagen...Standen var utrolig fin, forresten! Jeg har laget blogg nå, men det står ikke så mye der ennå, dessverre! Men det kommer etterhvert....
    Hilsen Kjellfrid

  2. Glemte å kommentere haloween-teppene forresten! Kjempefine! Blir nok fest hos dere den kvelden, skjønner jeg! Jeg har ingen små, så jeg er vel den gamle tanten som trekker for gardinene og slukker lyset den kvelden! :-)

  3. Tøffe tepper! God tur til Grimstad, regner md at dere får det toppers!

  4. Det er virkelig morsome quilt du har til haloween. Ønsker deg en riktig fin helg i Grimstad ! Det blir nok gøy :o)

  5. Ha en riktig fin tur til Grimstad og god helg. Koselig blogg du har :-)

  6. My kids and grandkids LOVE Halloween and "trick or treating." I did too when I was a young thing. Now I love answering the door and passing out the treats! Happy Autumn and all the fun it has in store for everyone!