Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two finishes

I have finally finished my Waverley bag, a gorgeous pattern from Leanne. It has been almost finished for ages, I only had to stitch two leaves that I had forgotten earlier. It is truly a summer bag. You get that sunny feeling looking at it, even when it rains.

The girls I sew with at The Castle has also made one. I will show you all the bags together, as soon as I manage to rally up us gals.

Another little project I finished a while back is this cute little wallquilt that says "Velkommen" (welcome). It hangs beside my front door, welcoming the people that enter.

Holiday is coming, only three weeks left to wait! This will be my first proper holiday in years, and I am really looking forward to a long needed break. I plan to do some seriously sewing, and to visit as many quiltstores as I can. A perfect way to spend ones vacation!

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Ohhh.. Siv.. härliga arbeten... älskar bara Leannes vä min blev en bonad..*S*... Ditt hus är så sött.. härliga blombroderier!!! :o)))

  2. Så nydelig som veggbildet ble. Det falt jeg for!

  3. Flott veske som du endelig har fått ferdig, har en tilsvarende som ligger her uferdig jeg da:-) Nydelig veggbilde!

  4. Vesken din er utrolig flott og velkommen bilde helt nydeligt. Du har øye for stoffer og farver, det er morro å se hva du lager!

  5. Det var en kjempekul veske. Jeg har ikke set det mønster før (har kanskje ikke fulgt med i timen???) men den er absolutely wonderful!

  6. Beautiful stitching. It certainly makes me think of summer while it's getting colder down here. Can't wait to see the other girls too.
    Lovely stitchery to greet you at the front door.
    Wish I was holidaying soon too but that's never 'til Christmas.

  7. Love your welcome sign. The stitching is lovely.