Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Goodbye Quilt

I am sorry for not blogging much this week. I blame it on internet, or lack of access that is. I hate when my gadgets doesn`t work, and me not knowing how to fix it!

This weekend I have been working like a mad woman on a new project. A dear colleague of mine is retiering, and I have persuaded my other colleagues to make a quilt for him as a goodbye present. We all thought his last working day would be in May, but now we find he is leaving 12. March!!! This means we are in a hurry!!!!!!

Kjell, that is his name, lives i the west of Norway, and every weekend he drives 6-7 hours (one way!!!) to get home and back again. What a guy!! I just had to make a stitchery of him driving over the mountains. Everybody is writing a personal greeting, whitch then is stitched onto fabric. I have displayed some of the fabrics I am planning to use. The colors will be brown and black. My fellow colleagues was afraid the quilt would be way to sweet and romantic (my style). I had to promise them to make a more masculine quilt. After some negotiation we have now agreed that I can use a little bit of flowers as well LOL.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Så spennende prosjekt!
    Jeg er sikker på at Kjell vil sette stor pris på å få en flott quilt som minne fra gode kolegaer :o)

  2. Saa artig! Og jeg er sikker paa det blir ferdig i tide. Fargene passer fint til en mann. Gleder meg til aa se det ferdig!

  3. What a nice idea and such a cute little car. I am quite sure he will be very appreciative. Long hours to be traveling to work!!! You are very kind and thoughtful always.

  4. Love the farewell stitchery! I hope you are able to get the quilt together in time, looking forward to seeing it....

  5. Ser det er flott bilde av Daniel i Quiltemagasinet- Kjempe koseligt!
    Det er en flott pute han har stichet og sydd - flink gutt !