Saturday, May 29, 2010

Expanding my library while I lust for Mr. Darcy ;)

The last days I have purchased two great books for my library (now installed in a working book shelf). Both books is written by Jinny Beyer. One of the books is all about hand piecing, techniques I just love to do (funny really, when I began quilting I swore that I would only use sewing machine..).

These books are really expensive in the quilt shops, but I saved a lot of bucks ordering them from a norwegian internetshop. As you can see behind the books, I have also bought Pride & Prejudice, with the real Mr. Darcy. I am a sucker for Jane Austen, and I bought all the films, and have ordered three of her novels. (You know, just for starters...)

And finally I`ve got a book shelf that actually can hold books! As you can see there is not very much space left, so I better start planning for another one. You see my iron? It fell on the floor! Wonder if it still works??

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

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