Thursday, June 24, 2010

A tiny little give away for the thimble collectors

Yesterday the whole family got in the cars and drove 100 km west, to Bjørneparken (the bearpark). The kids were exited to see bears and elks and other furry animals.

The keepers had just fed the bears with apples and vegetables when we arrived. Mummy bear had just found a juicy carrot, and decided to keep this treat to herself.

Here is one of the four cubs. He wasn`t at all interested in the people around the fence. The apples tasted way too good :)

This fella was patiently waiting for his lunch, not at all stressed by all the spectators.

This lady elk gave us a great pose, don`t you think? A true proffessional! Other animals in the park were deers, sheeps, ducks, rabbits, and porcupines. I didn`t get to see them all, as I by then was busy preparing for a tasty BBQ-meal.

I got souvernirs from the park, two thimbles! I know a lot of you collects thimbles, so I am putting both up for a give away. The rules of the give away is simple, leave a comment on my blog, and you get one ticket. Tell about my give away on your blog (remember to let me know), and you get another ticket. The give away last until midnight 1. July. And remember, I send all over the world.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Ah, kanskje blir jeg den første til å ønske meg denne. Har nettopp begynt å samle, så denne ville vært perfekt. Ha en fin dag!

  2. Ååå, jeg er så glad i fingerbøller. Håper det blir min tur denne gangen. Ha en kreativ uke

  3. thimbles are so cute, and a perfect addition to a sewing room......looks like those bears were indeed hungry.......

  4. Fingerbøller er bestandig gøy å samle på. Ser ut som om dere har hatt en flott tur i dyreparken. Men jeg ville ikke likt å møtt en sånn bjørn ute i skogen.

  5. Velg meg velg meg velg meg velge meg velg meg velg meg.....osv :o))

    Legger link til deg !

  6. Det hadde vært supert å vinne en av fingerbølene :o)

  7. Det hadde vore supert å vinne. Eg har ikkje frå Bjørneparken. Har blogga om giveawayen så det skulle gje meg to sjanser. Helsing Jofrid

  8. Så herlige bilder du har tatt i Bjørneparken, herlig elg.....
    Det hadde vært hyggelig å vinne den fine fingerbølen.
    Ønsker deg en fin helg....

  9. Hi There,

    Looks like you had a lovely time:) Thank you for offering the thimbles as a giveaway. That's really sweet and a lovely idea - sort of spreads the fun of the visit out to others:) I'll add a bit about your blog on mine with pleasure.

  10. Dette var et fint fingerbøll. Tenk om jeg kunne være så heldig å vinne. Kanskje en ide å begynne å samle på. (Tar ikke store plassen i baggasjen heller).

  11. Ja, nå har jeg også klart å legge en link inn på bloggen min. Dobbelt sjangs så får vi vente å se.