Sunday, July 11, 2010

A little bag filled with a lot of happiness

My friend Agnethe (no blog) and I visited a favourite quiltshop today - Lappemakeriet. The shop is filled with a lot of goodies, including a lot of wonderful new fabric bolts.

The shop is very cosy, I always get a fussy feeling when I walk around in it. All those lovely quilts laying around, to irresistable not to touch.

Here are some of the news, patterns and templates from Patchwork with Busyfingers ( Australia). Here you can find templates to make pies and cirkles.

Two smiling ladies in a quilters heaven, my friend Agnethe and one of the shop owners, Anne Kjersti.

How such a little bag can contain such a huge amount of happiness, I often wonder. I feel a little bit sorry for all the people out there (the non-quilters) who doesn`t know what they are missing out on :)

And here you see the bag content. Any wonder I feel happy?? There were a lot of new fabrics that I gladly would take home with me (they have to wait for my next pay check). I am definitely going back soon!

Yesterday I visited a local shop that also sell quilt fabric. I couldn`t resist bying these cute green and pinkies. I also have been wondering about buying this book, and finally I agreed with myself and ordered it from a internet bookshop.

I bought 40 pieces of Dear Jane fabrics from They arrived from Denmark a few days after I placed my order, and is now a part of my ever growing collection of Civil War fabrics.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Looks like you had a great day!
    A lot of beautiful fabrics indeed :-)

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  3. It is always fun to visit this shop. Love the pattern you bought. It is georgious. And perhaps a "must have" pattern.

  4. such a cute quilting shop....your purchases all look lovely

  5. Önskar verkligen att jag hade en shop som denna i närheten.. oj oj så underbart... eller kanske inte.. alltid slut pengar..:O)))
    Lycka tillmed alla nya och gamla projekt!!!