Thursday, August 12, 2010

A fun day

Today we visited Dyreparken, an amazing place with zoo and fun attractions for children of all ages. It is a very big place, so we have to go back tomorrow. Otherwise we would be missing out on a lot of fun stuff.

This fella was very curious, you could even touch him. The other one was not that interested. He turned his butt towards me every time I wanted to take his picture.

Am I not a beauty?? These animals have beautiful eyes with long eye lashes. However, the smell is not so cute...

A zebra grassing piecefully, no lions to watch out for here....

...they where safely behind another fence. Beautyful, magnificent animals, waiting for their lunchtime snack.

We also saw the feeding of the wolves. These are very shy animals, so this was the only chance to see them. The keeper walked in, threw the raw meat here and there and then went into safety behind the fence. Suddenly 13 wolves popped out of the woods!

Dyreparken is actually 3 parks; the zoo, a water world and an amusement park. The last is also home to the dreaded Kaptein Sabeltann (Captain Sabeltooth), a feared pirate ;). This is his ship, Den sorte dame ( the Black Lady).

Naturally :) I managed to find the only quilt shop in Kristiansand, Kreativ Quilt.

This smiling lady, Rannveig, is one of the owners. I did not go away empty handed, and I will show you my purchases later.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

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  1. Gøy med dyreparken, for både store og små...
    Og quiltebutikker må jo besøkes så klart..
    Kos deg videre på ferie...