Saturday, August 14, 2010

More fun

I am sitting here, totally pooped! Vacation sure is hard work ;). Yesterday we spent another day at Dyreparken, in order to see some of the attractions we missed out on the other day. I took a lot of pictures of the animals, but for some reason they turn their butt on me....... this pig.

A red panda, cute as a teddybear.

I don`t remember the name of this monkey, but isn`t he cute? And very small.

This donkey live in a part of the park called Africa.

A wallaby butt.....

A lemur in the tree....

Goldfish in every pond.

Welcome to Kardemomme By (Cardamom City).

DO running towards the tower of Tobias. The little houses are for rent, so you can sleep here, in the middle of the park, if you like.

This is my holiday project. Leanne`s House BOM, a UFO that has been hidden in a box for too long. I have some application work left, and a lot of stitching to do.....

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

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