Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christmas Hearts table cloth

Here is what I`ve been woorking on so far this weekend. This lovley Christmas table cloth, a BOM from Northern Quilts. I love the fabrics, and they are very "Scandinavian" looking. Under you see the working space of a messy quilter, lol. I sew this table cloth the american way, on the line, and I have occupied a table in my living room for this purpose.

I do like sewing on the line. It is accurate, and I have no problem with size or fitting the parts. Well, that is, until I discovered that there is a error in the pattern. The square template that came with BOM number two is 4 1/2 ", that means it is 1/2 " too big. In other words you need to make your template 4" if you are sewing on the line or with English paper piecing. I mailed this problem to the author as soon as I noticed it, and she will print a correction and send it with BOM number 3.

On this picture I still have one row of squares to sew onto the center piece. Believe me, sewing on the line is no slow process. It is actually quite fast. And when I hand quilt the table cloth it will achieve a very nice soft look. I enjoy machine sewing, but I find it much easier to get the more "complicated" blocks accurate when I sew the "oldfashion ways".

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. That is beautiful and I love the colours. I was admiring your accuracy in the points before I read what you had written about sewing by hand and can quite see what you mean. Thanks for joining in the QuiltAlong. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Takk for at du sa fra, så slipper jeg å gjøre samme feil som deg. Det er ikke så kjekt når det er feil i mønster.

  3. Wow...that is going to be gorgeous!! Great job on it..especially hand piecing it!!

  4. Det blir en nydelig løper - jeg også vil sy den :o))))

  5. This is absolutely beautiful!I also sew by hand except for the borders which I do by machine. I really like the fabrics you have used.

  6. I love that on point fabric behind the star, it gives a very classy and refinded look to the block. Nice!