Sunday, September 18, 2011

Practical homemade bib

My DS need bibs, and I have had a hard time finding something suitable. I found a company that makes bibs I like, but for some reason they would not sell me any. I tried to apply for some through NAV (the proper organ to direct when you need to apply for remedies for handcapped people), but they turned me down.

Well, that is no problem, I`ll just make some myself, I thought. But what type of fabric can I use as backing, to keep the moist away from his clothes?? After searching on the internet I found a company in Finland that sell a fabric called PUL. It breathes, and is used together with fabric dipers. Naturally I bought  some, and yesterday I test sewed a bib.

I used a Japanese fabric.

Here you see the backing.

I have ordered some brown velcro, I hope it gets here tomorrow. I have to make a lot more of these.

Have fune sewing!

Siv Hege

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