Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quilts and quilters that makes a difference

I have a child with a sevear epilepsy (Lennox Gastaut Syndrom), and with other diagnoses that normally follows in its footprints. Due to this, we have spent many weeks at the time in a hospital that works only with these types of cases. The people who works there are fenomenal, and much is done to make the environment as homey as possible.

Every time we have been there, I have admired all the beautiful quilts that are displayed all over the place. We are talking about many wall quilts in different sizes. A few weeks ago Lena and I decided to visit a quilting guild in a near by county for inspiration. The guild is Bærum Lappelag. It is fun to see how other guilds do their stuff, we thought. The atmosphere when we entered the room was so nice that we ended up joining the guild as new members!

I later on checked out their homepage, and what did I find? This is the guild that made all those lovely quilts and gave them to "our" hospital! This is not a coincidence, I thought to myself. This is providential - me being a member there :)

They had a fabulous Show and tell, here are some of the things we could admire:

The patience of some, I am in awe!


Quilt as you go, a genious method!

I look forward to meeting up with the quild members again soon.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege

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  1. You really were meant to join that quilt group it would seem.

    The quilts you showed today are lovely.