Friday, October 28, 2011

It`s official!

The Christmas spirit "hit" me yesterday. I was starting to wonder where it was, I have never had to wait until late October to find it. Most years I start singing Christmas carols in August, but I also remember when I kept the festive spirit for a whole year. Even the kids thought that was a bit strange.

So for the rest of this year (and far out in 2012 I bet) there will be nothing but Christmas songs coming out of my little sewing room CD-player :)

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. I too have been in the Christmas Spirit - I started making Christmas small quilts in September!! Have a great day!


  2. You are not genetically linked to Santa by any chance? Hummm... maybe it's just all the snow you get in Norway that keeps you in festive fettle. Whatever... you have fun singing girl.

  3. LOL! I got the feeling this morning.... :) I love Christmas songs too, but for me it spoils the season to listen to Christmas songs too early. Have fun - and sing! :)