Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reaching another milestone

Yesterday I did it again! This time I jogged 5 km in a womens race in Oslo called KK-mila. (KK is the name of a womens magazine). It was fun and unpretentious, and women in all ages and forms participated. I did make a tactical misjugdement though, placing myself way back in the crowd when the race started. I soon realized that I now had to pass hundreds of women who only planned to walk the distance. So I had to start zig zag around them to get ahead. The zig zag put a lot of exstra strain to my muscles, making the race a bit harder.

I ran the whole lap at 41 minutes, and are very pleased that I completed my first 5 km :) There was no medal this time, but we got a well stocked goodie bag, check what I got:

The bag and the proof of my participation - my number.

Hairspray, shampoo, toothpaste, food and a perfume sample.

Drinkingbottle, book, magazine, a make up bag, another bag for sportswear and a rain poncho.

And a nice, soft scarf.
Next Saturday I am entering another race, but I will not run the whole way. The race is 10 km, and it is too early for me to run so far. I will try to run for four minutes and walk for one minute the whole distance through.

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. congrats to you, well the goodie bag

  2. Well done on your latest milestone. What a great goodie bag you got too.

  3. Så flink du er! Bra premier! Lykke til i neste løp.

  4. Så flink du er! Deilig å nå sine mål :o)Flotte premier også :o)
    Ønsker deg en kreativ søndag,

  5. Good for you! Fabulous bag of goodies you received.

  6. Give yourself a big pat on the back! Well done!

  7. Gosh...så flink du er..!!..
    Og så så fin premie...litt mer brukervennlig enn en medalje...

    Kos deg med alt det flotte som har dumpet ned i postkassa di siste dagene...;-)