Sunday, August 23, 2009

A great weekend!

I am sitting here, tired and soon ready for a long nights sleep, looking back on a great weekend. I have spent it in good company, celebrating my friend Bente and learning from Hanne how to make caleidoscopeblocks.

Of course, the birthday girl got lots of wonderful presents. I gave her the 3-tier cakestand with lots of quiliting goodies on.

Hello! Look at this jewel!! I just had to show you the beautiful quilt Inger Solveig (no blog) brought along to show us. I think this is one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever layed my eyes on so far. The quilt is handsewed, and the colours are so well put together. I want to make a quilt like that!

The quilt was admired for a long time, here you see Tove and the genious, Inger Solveig.

A bit crowded, but no complaints. It was especially nice to meet up with Tove again. She has been living in Spain for a while, but is finally back. I told her it was not a good environment for her sewing machine, all that salt in the air. She is back for good, and we are all thrilled.

(PS. Check out May Britts blog. She got a sensational picture of a very special cutting position. Is it the Spanish style, ??)

I hadn`t done my homework, and was a little bit behind the other girls when I arrived on Saturday morning. I got this fix idea that if I cut six layers at the time I would catch up with the others. This was not a great idea! I ended up with like ten different sizes, and couldn`t get accurate blocks. And yes, I did cut up all the fabrics! There was only one solution - I got in the car, drove to Lappemakeriet and purchased new fabrics. At the end of the day, while the others had sewn up to forty blocks, I ended up with three :) Only 39 to go!!

A successful day was ended with a successful meal. Bente served crabclaws and shrimps - yummm delicious. We ate for hours, until we were full, and then we ate som more. I didn`t get hungry again until noon today LOL

PS. I am closing in on 10 000 hits, and is planning my very first giveaway!

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Ser ut som en härlig sydag. Inger Solveigs kvilt är helt underbar!
    - Anna,

  2. Hei igjen! Dette ser ut som du har hatt en aller tiders helg. For en flott quilt du viste fram. Høres spennende ut med feiring av 10000!
    Ønkser deg "god natt" og en fin uke :0)

  3. Takk for en koselig helg. Dette var virkelig masse vitamin Q.
    Nå skal jeg studere den nye symaskina mi SMIL

  4. Må ha vært en superhelg både quiltemessig og sosialt!

  5. Ser ut som om dere har hatt en toppers helg. Kaleideoscopteppene Hanne lærer bort blir jo bare så flotte!