Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Boy, do I feel lazy today! My energy is rather low, and has been for the last few days. It is a perfect day for staying in my sewingroom, listening to Shania Twain, and just sew a little bit. In a few weeks the gals and I are going to spend a weekend in Grimstad, app. 5 1/2 hours drive south. I really look forward to staying in a hotel, joining classes, lower my shoulders and just absorbe as much vitamin Q as I possible can.

I want to have a new bag ready for the trip. I plan to use a pattern from Annaka (no blog), with a few alterations. The stitchery is not a part of the pattern. (Åse, I assume that you`ll bring your bag too?? ;)) Good thing it is a few weeks left, today I am zzzzewing really zzlow..........

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Gleder meg til å se den ferdige vesken din :o)
    Flott sticheri !

  2. Så spennende. Det skal bli fint å se reisevesken din klar. Det var et flott stitchery. Lykke til videre :0)

  3. This is a really sweet pattern, I like it a lot. It will be a pretty bag I am sure. Hope you will show the result too.