Sunday, August 30, 2009

One finish this weekend

My darling DO turned 7 this weekend, so there hasn`t been very much time for sewing. I managed to finish this bag today. This is the third bag I have sewn using Annakas (no blog) pattern. It must be the easiest bag I have sewn, she writes really good patterns.

The bag is a birthdaypresent to my colleague and mentor, Grethe (no blog). She turns 50 on Tuesday, a fact hard to believe. We always have a lot of lauhgs together, I think our mental age is more like 15, lol.

My friend Agnethe (no blog) dropped by today for some vitamin Q. Check out this gorgeous wooden box she keeps her sewing project in! Me like!!!

PS. Don`t forget to join my giveaway!

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. Flott veske - hun er heldig :o) Tre boksen er meget tøff - så den på syklubb!

  2. Du lager så fine vesker og er sikkert på at din venninne blir kjempeglad for den.
    Og så flott boks. Alle quiltere elsker jo bokser av alle slag