Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exams finally over!

My friend Agnethe and I finished our exam in personal management today, and what better way to celebrate than to visit Lappemakeriet :) (after eating a huge pancace at the Pancace House next door).

I have a plan, and that is to convince Agnethe that the only sensible thing for her to do is to become a quilter. I really did a good job today! She totally loved the shop, and went home with lovely fabrics, needles, silkthread and a new scissor. Unfortunately, my head was still in a "exam-cloud", and I forgot to take pictures. Anyway, the next step in my plan is to invite her to my house for a pillow-sewing-day.

Naturally, I couldn`t go home emty-handed, so I bought this lovely jelly roll from Moda, and more silk thread.

I am working on two Waverly bags, and have finished the stitching part and some of the applique. Maybe I`ll finish the bags this weekend?

I have a large collection of japanese fabrics that I have had some trouble thinking out what to do with. May Britt and Hanne provided me with a lot of inspiration on the matter when I met up with them at Bentes house a couple of weekends ago. I am now making a rough manly quilt, it is a gift to one of my brothers. He is very patient, and always answers all my silly questions about computers, Internet and so on. (He is a computer-genious).

Have fun sewing!

Siv Hege


  1. I love the Jelly roll, and your waverly bags your working on. Congrats on finished exams.

  2. Gratulerer med vell ovestått eksamen :o) Jelly roll = Sukkertøy ! Stiiiilig prosjekt til broder'n. Og veskene er flotte deg også! Ser ut for å være mye jobb med dem. Lykke til videre med syprosjekter :o)

  3. Congratulations on your exams, I guess it will very good to have it finished. And a new quilter in progress. Hope you get her hooked on this. And well done with your japaneese.

  4. Gratulerer med vel overstått eksamen, kan bare sy og kose deg med god samvittighet nå:-) Nydelige stoffer du kom hjem med. Teppet til brodern ser tøft ut, venter spent på å se det ferdig!

  5. Gratulerer med overstått eksamen...Her er det mye fint på gang! Likte spesielt godt quilteblokkene til broren din, de blokkene og japanske stoffer er en god kombinasjon.

  6. Gratulerer med eksamen. Og "premien" hadde dere vel fortjent. Gleder meg til å se hva det blir, det var så lekre fraver å både stoff og tråd.

  7. Hi congrats on you exam finish love the jelly roll have one myself waiting patiently on the shelf.....glad you have got your friend sewing