Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look what I`ve got

Having birthday has its benefits, as more gifts keeps coming. From my friend Åse I got the lovely box and the fabric with small flowers. Pia gave me the pink fabric with large flowers and the buttons. Thank you so much, I just love my presents.

My library keeps expanding as well. These books I ordered on the internet, and I look forward to many hours curled up in my sofa with my nose into one of these. I am running out of bookshelves though...

Monday I have exams in personal management, and I really ought to study this weekend. However, my sewingroom desperately needs a tidy-up, so I think I will start with that :)

I am working on a big quilt for my mom, and I will soon show you the result.

Have fun sewing

Siv Hege

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